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Enrollment as (international) Doctoral Student

Would you like to enroll for a doctorate at the of Wuppertal?

For application of admission and personal enrollment at the Student Admission and Registration for International Students the following documents are required:

  • completed application of admission
  • written letter of acceptance (international PhD students) for supervision by a UW professor, also specifying the language in which the thesis is to be written
  • (where applicable, and where the thesis is to be written in German) evidence of command of the German language degree certificate(s)
  • diploma certificates (Bachelor and Master)
  • evidence of university attendance (list of subjects/courses studied and grades attained, transcripts etc.)
  • abstract of your Master's thesis or degree thesis
  • personal resumé / curriculum vitae
  • if you are or were already enrolled at a German university, the most recent certification of enrollment or renewal of registration must be submitted, with details of subject and semester

Please note

  • certificates in foreign languages must be submitted with a certified German or English translation; certificates originally issued in English by the relevant educational institution do not need to be translated
  • all certificates should be submitted in the form of attested copies
  • application for admission is either to be submitted by post to the UW's Office of Student Admission and Registration for International Students or in person.

Enrollment deadlines

  • for the summer semester: April 15
  • for the winter semester: October 15

Semester and tuition fees

Doctoral students are exempted from UW tuition fee, but they must pay the semester fee on initial registration and on renewal of registration for each sub-sequent semester. The deadline for renewal of registration for summer semester is March 15, and for the winter semester September 15.

Refund of semester ticket costs

Postgraduates living outside the NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia), who only attend UW for occasional consultations and examinations, can apply to the Allgemeinen Studierendenausschuss (ASta – Student Union) for a refund of semester ticket costs. Should the refund be granted, they will not then be entitled to free travel within the VRR network.

Please enclose the following documents with your application:
• university certification of your diploma/master’s thesis or of your work placement / internship
• evidence of your place of residence during this period (copy of passport or of residential registration certificate)
• printout of travel permit
Please note that costs will be refunded only for complete calendar months. Click here for further information about the semester ticket.