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A distinctive feature of the University of Wuppertal is research in interdisciplinary, cross-faculty centers. In line with the university’s mission statement a total of nine interdisciplinary centers with diverse research interests are linked with the various faculties:

Interdisciplinary Center for Science and Technology Studies: Normative and Historical Perspectives (ICST)
The ICST focuses on the historical development and structure of science and technology. The center's research in the history and philosophy of science brings together scholars from the humanities, natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering in dialogue across different knowledge cultures.
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Interdisciplinary Center for Applied Informatics and Scientific Computing

Links UW's COMPASS lab (COMputerlab for Parallel Algorithms and Stochastic Simulation) with the master's program Computer Simulation in Science (CSiS), with teams from theoretical and experimental (particle) physics, mathematics, and chemistry cooperating on various research projects.
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Interdisciplinary Center for Technical Process Management
Pursues applications oriented solutions for technical processes, with mathematics and informatics specialists (Faculty C) creating effective synergies with civil engineers and safety engineers (Faculty D).
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Interdisciplinary Center for Polymer Technology (IC 4)
Aims at creating an internationally visible centre of competence at the BUW concerning polymer technologies, in order to develop, process and characterise new polymer-based materials. The institute focuses on processes in which polymer technologies play an essential role in scientific research and development.
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Bergisch Regional Competence Center for Health Management and Public Health
The Center is concerned with a wide range of human health aspects. It seeks to pinpoint and analyze current challenges within the health sector, whether at the economic or provision level, and to reflect these in effective teaching, research, and practice structures.
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Center for Narrative Research (CNR)
The Center for Narrative Research is an interdisciplinary organization of professors, postgraduates and other researchers and faculty members concerned with the phenomena of narrative and narration. The Center organizes narratological research projects, international conferences, guest lectures and discussion forums such as the Wuppertal Narratological Colloquium.
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Center for Interdisciplinary Language Research (ZefiS)
The Center for Interdisciplinary Language Research at the University of Wuppertal serves as a platform for a wide variety of interdisciplinary activities. It consists of members of the faculties 1, 2, 3, and 6. The Center aims to link the entire range of the university’s language research activities, and supports interdisciplinary networking. The initiation of mutual research projects and the support of young academics are its core concerns.
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Research Center for Children in Society
The Center is concerned with interdisciplinary discussion of current international research in social and cultural studies, with particular reference to its theoretical and political impact on children. Its overall aim is to introduce new and wider perspectives into established areas of research.
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Interdisciplinary Center for Editing and Documentology
Editing and Documentology at UW pursues systematic and historical research in the field of editorial studies and the cultural transmission of literary and non-literary documents. The Interdisciplinary Center for Editing and Documentology at the UW fosters interdisciplinary and cross-cultural exchange both within the university and at national and international levels. It provides the opportunity for doctoral studies within a European research context.
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