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WiN: Wuppertal integrates international junior scientists

Mariam Muwanga at the CGS summer festival

An initiative by the Center for Graduate Studies (CGS).

Are you a PhD student and have a creative idea that would benefit other PhD students and yet lack financial and/or organisational resources? Please feel free to contact us. We will help you bring your project to life.

The WiN project fosters the implementation of creative ideas and projects initiated by and for (international) PhD students at the University of Wuppertal (UW). After all, who else, other than the ‚target group‘ itself, is in a better position to know the kind of inspiration required to successfully create a ‘PhD culture’ at the University of Wuppertal? Within the framework of WiN, the CGS will provide support for the implementation of your ideas both financially and in terms of organisation.

Mariam Muwanga is the contact person for the WiN project. As coordinator, she mediates between PhD students, the CGS management, and relevant institutions within the university.

Former events within the framework of the WiN project (2019):

More examples (older):

  • Swimming
  • "Wupper Corners" (exploring Wuppertal and its cultural activities together)