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Information for international doctoral students

You are a graduate from a foreign university who wants to obtain a PhD degree at UW. Regular doctorates – can be taken at UW by graduates from foreign universities (for further information see the section Taking your doctorate at UW).

Bi-national doctorates (Cotutelle) – In addition to regular doctorates within the German university system, UW offers bi-national facilities with certain partner universities abroad. In accordance with the so-called Cotutelle procedure, and in line with the respective doctoral degree regulations, the thesis and defense are jointly examined and assessed and the doctorate jointly awarded by two universities in two different countries. The doctorate is then fully and immediately valid in both systems. Details are regulated individually between UW and the partner university. Bi-national doctorate procedure is recommended for students

  • who want to keep close academic links with both countries
  • who do not yet know in which country they will later work
  • who aim to work in a bi-national field
  • whose research focus is closely linked with the other country.

Your contact partner in Wuppertal: the Center for Graduate Studies (CGS) – The Center for Graduate Studies (CGS) is a central organizational unit of the University of Wuppertal (UW). It serves as a contact point for students interested in pursuing a doctorate, and supports the research activities of UW doctoral students.

The following pages inform you about UW's facilities for international doctoral students.

Information on Wuppertal city and region can be found here.

And here is some general information on obtaining a doctorate in Germany.