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Frau Kathleen Hooper




  • Education: Bachelor of Arts and Humanities, Colorado State University, 1986; Diploma Design, University of Wuppertal, 1993. Communications and Language Training Certificate (CLTC), Skylight Training, Germany, 2007; Developing People International Certificate, York Associates, 2008.
  • Work: Inlingua Language School, 1987-1988; Sister Cities International, 1989; Concept Language School 1989-1996; University of Wuppertal, 1997-2003; Self employed - current status.

Titel und Abstract des Dissertationsprojektes

Designing Democracy: Re-education and the America Houses (1945-1961)

Betreuer: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bazon Brock (Wuppertal)

The dissertation is a unique look at various influencing factors that affected the America Houses and how these intertwine with America's desire to steer Germany along the path of democracy. In the historical re-education arguments the America Houses receive a footnote, the usual time of re-education being limited till 1949. Nevertheless, this theses argues that the America Houses continued re-education much longer on a subtle level and were one of the few influencing, yet powerful tools that America had at its disposal to guide democracy. The dissertation is divided into four main parts. The first chapter looks some of the influencing factors regarding the Houses (background, cultural influences and structural organization). The second chapter covers details of the Houses themselves (location, cost, influences of McCarthyism, etc.). The third chapter focuses on the visitors

and target groups and what programs they were subject to. The final chapter shows how even architectural the America Houses, built by the Americans themselves, aided this re-education mission. The overall dissertation presents the America Houses as cultural carriers and demonstrates their essential role in America's re-education mission.



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