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UW postgraduate scholarships

Three postgraduate scholarships are offered by UW on a regular basis – about two times per year. All doctoral students registered at UW may apply (click here for information on enrollment). As a rule the scholarships are for a period of up to two years and amount to €1000 per month. In connection with these scholarships, material and travel expenses can also be applied for. Scholarship holders may apply for additional funding for overseas study from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). For further information on the scholarship and how to apply see postgraduate scholarship regulations.

Detailed information and application form downloads can be accessed on the pages of UW's Research and external funding department (Admin. dept. 1.1)

Application deadlines for a UW scholarship are June 1st (to run from August), and November 15th (to run from February).

Contact person

Melanie Kraft
Tel.-Nr.: 0202-439-2983
Raum FD.01.15
E-Mail: kraft{at}