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Tuition and semester fees

Doctoral students are exempted from the tuition fee, but have to pay the semester fee on initial enrollment and on renewal of registration each semester thereafter.

Renewal of registration – takes place on receipt of the semester fee within the relevant deadline. For payment details see UW administration (in German) web pages under 'Renewal of registration'. Payment must be made in one of the ways indicated. Please do not pay in cash or by express or telegraphic money transfer, as such payments cannot be processed and are therefore not accepted.

The International Office must be notified of any change of name, address, doctoral program, faculty, semester number etc before payment of the semester fee, otherwise your registration papers (including travel pass) may be undeliverable.

If payment of the semester fee is not received within the deadline, you will be sent a reminder/warning. This carries a late payment fine of (currently) €20. If payment is not then immediately received, termination of registration proceedings will be initiated.

Online renewal of registration – As from summer semester 2008, doctoral students receive renewal of registration forms and information by e-mail in good time for deadlines to be kept.

Activating your UW e-mail address – On enrollment you will receive an e-mail account and address: STUDENT You must activate this account  yourself with your University Computing Center PIN (to be found on the enrollment form). General information on student e-mail accounts is available here. Further information and assistance is available from the University Information and Media Center. Activation of your account enables you to use the Internet Café.