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Open PhD Position at Kühne Logistics University

Doctoral Position (GN) in the area of Innovation Economics and Management

[The KLU] seeking to hire a doctoral researcher for a project newly funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The project title is “Idea evaluation in open, ‘democratized’ innovation”. It provides an opportunity to work on new and upcoming topics in open innovation that provide a good springboard for a career in industry as well as in academia. The project focuses on idea evaluation, particularly decision makers’ quality assessments with regard to innovative ideas, e.g. ideas for new products or processes. It looks for systematic biases that distort such idea evaluations, and ultimately lead to funding being misallocated to lower-quality ideas. In the project, we collect and analyze empirical data from companies, online communities, and lab experiments. The successful candidate will work closely together with Prof. Dr. Christina Raasch, Associate Professor for Digital Economy.


For further information please take a look at the university's official announcement.