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Walter Wißdorf M.Sc.

Physikalische Chemie

Raum: H.13.02
E-Mail: wissdorf{at}
URL: Website


  • 2002 - Abitur
  • 2003 - Beginn Studium, Universität Wuppertal
  • 2006 - Abschluss: Bachelor of Science "Applied Science" Kernfächer: Chemie und Informatik
  • 2009 - Abschluss: Master of Science im Fach Chemie
  • 2009 - Beginn der Promotion


Titel und Abstract des Dissertationsprojekts:

„Simulation of ion dynamics in atmospheric pressure ionization sources“


in Bearbeitung



Peer Reviewed Paper:

  • Monte Carlo Simulation of Ion Trajectories of Reacting Chemical Systems: Mobility of Small Water Clusters in Ion Mobility Spectrometry, Wissdorf, Walter, Seifert Luzia, Derpmann Valerie, Klee Sonja, Vautz Wolfgang, and Benter Thorsten , Journal of The American Society for Mass Spectrometry, (2013)
  • Simulation of Ion Motion at Atmospheric Pressure: Particle Tracing Versus Electrokinetic Flow, Wissdorf, Walter, Pohler Larissa, Klee Sonja, Müller David, and Benter Thorsten , Journal of The American Society for Mass Spectrometry, Volume 23, Issue 2, p.397-406, (2012)
  • Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation of the Three-Dimensional Flow Field and Relative Analyte Concentration Distribution in an Atmospheric Pressure Ion Source, Poehler, Thorsten, Kunte Robert, Hoenen Herwart, Jeschke Peter, Wissdorf Walter, Brockmann Klaus, and Benter Thorsten , Journal of The American Society for Mass Spectrometry, Volume 22, p.2061-2069, (2011)

Konferenz Poster (als präsentierender Autor):

  • Numerical Simulation of Reacting Flows of Ions at Atmospheric Pressure - the Reactant Ion Peak in IMS, Wissdorf, Walter, Derpmann Valerie, Klee Sonja, Kersten Hendrik, Benter Thorsten, and Vautz Wolfgang , (2012), Presented at: 60th ASMS annual meeting, Vancouver, CA
  • Numerical Simulation of the Distribution of Ion Acceptance (DIA) in a Commercial API Source, Wissdorf, Walter, Lorenz Matthias, and Benter Thorsten , (2011), Presented at: 59th ASMS annual meeting, Denver
  • Modular Computational Toolset for Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Method Development: SIMION Meets FEM, Brockmann, Klaus J., Wissdorf Walter, Hyzak Lukas, Kersten Hendrik, Mueller David, and Benter Thorsten , (2010), Presented at: 58th ASMS annual meeting, Salt Lake City
  • Atmospheric Pressure Laser Ionization (APLI): Systematic DIA Measurements for APLI Method Development, Wissdorf, Walter, Lorenz Matthias, Kersten Hendrik, Klee Sonja, Brockmann Klaus J., and Benter Thorsten , (2009), Presented at: 57th ASMS annual meeting, Philadelphia


Sonstige wissenschaftliche Aktivitäten/Mitgliedschaften:

  • ASMS Mitglied