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Kaleigh Hunter M. A.


E-Mail: kaleigh.hunter{at}

Brief biographical details

  • 2018 Master of Arts: Arts and Culture (Museums and Collections), Leiden University
  • 2014 Bachelor of Arts: Art History, Criticism, and Conservation, University of Florida 

Title and abstract of thesis project

Gardens in Ink: engraved title-pages of European botanical treatises from 1450-1700

The broad aim of this dissertation is to explore the relationship between natural history and visual methods of communication through the engraved title-pages of early modern European printed books. More specifically, my research will focus on the role(s) that these images played in the development of botany as a legitimate field of study, focusing on the rise and decline in popularity of the printed herbal in the early-1500’s to late-1600’s. Engraved title-pages of botanical publications have been under-researched and they provide an important intersection between the early modern author, publisher, artist, and audience. A goal of this research is to bring these title-pages into the broader discussion on the relationship between art, botany, and methods of understanding the natural world in early modern Europe. This topic is largely interdisciplinary, taking influence from art history, history of science, book history, and history of collecting.

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