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Isil Kalpkirmaz-Rizaoglu M. Sc.


Raum: HB.01.09
E-Mail: kalpkirmazrizao{at}
URL: Website

Brief biographical details

2018 - M. Sci. Arch
İstanbul Technical University
Graduate School of Science Engineering and Technology
Division of Architecture
Environmental Control and Construction Technologies Graduate Program
Dissertation: A Study for the Analysis of Development Legislation in Terms
of Efficient Use of Solar Energy in Residential Buildings and Settlements
2017 - 2019
Tan Yapı Ltd. Title: Senior Site Architect & Interior Decoration Supervisor
2014 - 2017
DK Mimarlık Ltd. Title: Architect (Design and Application), Site Manager
2013 - 2014
Detay Akustik Ltd. Title: Interior Decoration Site Architect
2013 - B. Arch.
İstanbul Technical University
Faculty of Architecture
Department of Architecture
Dissertation: Heybeliada Seaside and Cultural Center Design Project
(Double Major Undergraduate Program)
2010 - B. Plan.
İstanbul Technical University
Faculty of Architecture
Department of Urban and Region Planning
Dissertation: Urban Planning Project of Kırıkhan district of the city of Hatay
(Double Major Undergraduate Program)


Title and abstract of thesis project

Informing, Stimulating and Inspiring Architectural Design

Changing needs and expectations in architecture practice, not only regarding environmental issues, but also the technological advancements, fulfilling comfort needs and managing energy efficiency, as well as advancing aesthetic quality of a design are more challenging for architects than ever. In parallel to these developments, the role of digital tools of design and building performance analysis are redefined and the use of them in an integrated manner by architects became a must rather than option. Including Building Performance Simulation (BPS) in design process as early as possible and using it not only as performance evaluator, but also as a design stimulator to inspire the architects during design exploration is essential. However, BPS is still not an inherent part of design. There is a need for new ways of thinking and approaches in terms of utilization of BPS both in practice and education, and additionally many other obstacles needed to be addressed e.g. ease of use, compatibility, interoperability, affordability, user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI), visual representation and integration of intelligent design knowledge. In response, this research aims to present an experimental approach for Performance Based Early Design (PBED) by using methods; such as literature review, surveys & interviews, examination of existing design and BPS tools, development and test of PBED prototypes, guiding an architectural design studio, and case studies.

Papers already presented and published

Kalpkirmaz Rizaoglu, I., Voss, K.  (2020). Building Performance Simulation to Stimulate Architectural Early Design: Integrating Design and Simulation. 35th Passive and Low Energy Architecture Conference, PLEA 2020 in Coruña, Spain.

S Hess, D Kreulitsch, M Schmid, I Kalpkirmaz Rizaoglu, A Honold, M Stobbe, C Nytsch-Geussen, T Lützkendorf (2020). Key action fields for nearly carbon-neutral districts: stakehol-der-specific strategies and practice, World Sustainable Built Environment Conference, BEYOND, 2020 in Göteborg, Sweden.

Other academic activities and memberships

Since 2019 Research Assistant at the Institute for b+tga taking part in teaching and research projects

Since 2019 Building Simulation Professional in Solar Decathlon Europe 21 (SDE21) Competition Team