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Fariba Elliee


Raum: L.13.30
Telefon: 0202 439 - 3372
Fax: 0202 439 -
E-Mail: elliee{at}



  • 2009-10: PhD student in Wuppertal
  • 2007-09: Postdoc in Uni Bielefeld, in Ring Theory
  • 2006: recieved my PhD from Iran Uni. Of Science & Technology
  • 2000-06: PhD student in Iran Uni. Of Sci. & Tech.
  • 1998-2007: Editor in Iranian Math. Society
  • 2000-07: teaching Math in Iran Uni. Of Sci. & Tech


Titel und Abstract des Dissertationsprojektes



Introduction of modern mathematics at the beginning of 20th century in Iran



Education is always one of the main channels through which social and political ideas, as well as cultural and technical innovations, are introduced into societies. I decide to give a thorough account of the educational systems and especially mathematical situation in Iran by presenting the most influential organizations of the mathematical community. Indeed, where is mathematics in Iran? How can be evaluated mathematical activities in Iran? When has begun these activities? The answer of these questions and some others are the main ideas of this research which Erhard Scholz, as my Supervisor, has motivated and encouraged me to search about them which have not yet been replied and researched in the history of science and mathematics. My approach will be to investigate modern mathematics and then the role of some of the Iranian mathematicians in four main parts: the first gives a background of the modernization of the education system in the 19/20th Century in Iran, in particular, Dar al-Fonun, the national teachers’ college, founding the University of Tehran; the second is devoted the (introduction of) first generation of "modern" Iranian-trained mathematicians; and the third section and the main section contains the roles and influences of some of these mathematicians in the development of the study and research in mathematics and in the mathematical community in Iran. It is true that mathematics is a key to the sustainable development of any civilization, and plays a crucial role in any society’s efforts to pave the road of prosperity. Presently, mathematics in Iran enjoys strengths and suffers from shortcomings. The members of mathematical society believe that, the academic societies are pillars of any civilized society. Thus the importance of the academic societies should be stressed and their position, as building blocks of a nation that has opened up an international dialogue, should be firmed and deepened and I consider these evaluations as the forth part.





In Bearbeitung



  • „Well Behaviour of sequential injectivity of acts over modules”, 2006.
  • “Categorical properties of sequentially dense monomorphisms of s-acts”, 2005.
  • “Sequential dense essential monomorphism of acts over modules”, 2005.
  • “Bass numbers of local cohomology modules”, 2004.
  • “On reducing sequences and an application to local cohomology modules”, 2003.
  • “Modular standard frame in Hilber A- modules”, 2002.
  • “A note on Finsler modules”, 2002.
  • “A note on Ring and module theory in Iran”, 2001.
  • “C* and its extension in a commutative Ring”, 2001.
  • And some others in Newsletter of Iranian Math. Society


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