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Ehsan Zafarani


Raum: HD.01.12b
Telefon: 0202 439 4372
Fax: 0202 439 4033
E-Mail: e.zafarani{at}




Born in March 1983 in Isfahan, Iran, I studied mathematics and physics in Kharazmi high school.

In 2000 I was admitted in Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) to do B.Sc. in Industrial and Systems Engineering Department. During this program I passed courses such as Operations Research, Quality Management, Production and Inventory Planning, Project Planning and Control, Maintenance Planning, Engineering Economics, Management Information Systems (MIS), Facility Layout and Planning, Ergonomics among others.

In autumn 2004 I was awarded an IAESTE admission to pass an internship course in Volvo Car Corporation in Skövde, Sweden. After graduation from IUT in 2005 I applied successfully for Singapore A*STAR Scholarship for an M.Eng. degree course in National University of Singapore (NUS) where I worked with Prof., Xie Min, one of the most prolific researchers in Reliability Engineering. My master thesis was on a study of joint production/inventory planning and maintenance scheduling.

After two years in Singapore I went back to Iran to work as a project planner and controller in Fouladtechnic International Engineering Co. (FIECo.), a general contractor (GC) active in designing, procurement, and construction of iron and steel plant projects in Iran. In 2009 I was admitted by Bergische Universität Wuppertal (BUW), Bauingenieurwessen to continue studies as a PhD candidate in Bauinformatik under the supervision of Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Pegels.

Titel und Abstract des Dissertationsprojektes


Construction project quality management with reference to universally accepted standards for earthquake-proof industrial, residential and service buildings

Project management best practices as well as competence of a project manager have been the subject of several national and international standards. PMBOK (4th edition, 2008) is one of the most internationally accepted standards which includes project quality management in form of three processes (quality planning, quality control and quality assurance) as one of its "knowledge areas". ISO 10006 is yet another example and is aimed at describing project quality management in a more general context. ICB 3.0 (developed by International Project Management Association) is a standard to describe competence of a project manager. In this thesis proposal a model for quality management in industrial, residential and service construction projects with a focus on earthquake-proof buildings will be developed based on these standards.





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