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“First Technical University of Munich, Spring School on Systems Engineering” (April 11th to 14th), Munich


In spring 2010, from April 11th to 14th, the “TUM Spring School on Systems Engineering” took place for the first time. The event was organized by Prof. Udo Lindemann, head of [?] the Institute of Product Development at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), and was held in cooperation with the Stevens Institute of Technology from the US. The spring school was addressed to PhD students of all departments whose working areas were related to any aspect or the state of the art in the technology and methodology of Systems Engineering. The aim of the three day course was to encourage international scientific exchange among different disciplines. Furthermore, speeches were given by invited guests from different companies like Stevens Institute of Technology, Festo AG & Co. AG and BMW Group on different aspects of Systems Engineering.

The organizing committee of this event consisted of four research assistants from the Institute of Product Development at the TUM. Within three days, a total of twelve PhD students from different universities around the world had presented their research while getting feedback from each other as well as from the invited guests and professors, enabling them to gain insights into the scientific and industrial implementation and application of Systems Engineering. The participation of different disciplines resulted in lively exchange of knowledge in different domains and in fruitful scientific discussions. As a result new contacts were made between participants from different countries. Last but not least, my greatest benefit from this school was discovering new horizons and directions for my future academic path.