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Conference Report of the 26th Annual Congress of the European Economic Association Oslo 2011

Rongrong Sun

Oslo's opera house

From 25-29 August, 2011 the joint congress of the European Economic Association and the Econometric Society European meeting (EEA-ESEM) was held at the University of Oslo, Norway. This joint congress has been the yearly highlight in the European economic academia.

The joint congress 2011 was specially highlighted by Nobel Prize Session, Schumpeter Lecture, Fisher-Schultz Lecture, Marschall Lecture, Laffont Lecture, ES presidential Address and EEA presidential Address given by notable economists, including Daron Acemoglu (MIT); Susan Athey (Harvard University); Peter Diamond (MIT); Bengt Holmström (MIT); Per Krusell (Stockholm University); Dale Mortensen (Northwestern University); Christopher Pissarides (LSE); Randall Wright (University of Wisconsin). Besides that, economists from around the world presented their research works in paralleled invited sessions and contributed sessions. Altogether, more than 1000 economists participated the congress.

I was invited to present my working paper “Nominal Rigidity and Some New Evidence on the New Keynesian Theory of the Output-Inflation Tradeoff” (the original title was “Nominal Rigidity and the Different Cross-Country Effects of Monetary Policy”) by EEA in a contribution session “Monetary Economics and Central Banking I” on 25th August. Through the presentation, I discussed with the audience and got some valuable feedbacks.

During the congress, I attended a large amount of inspiring lectures and presentations, talked and discussed with many young talented economists. All these will for sure have important impacts on my future academic career.