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17th International Conference on Research in Advertising 2018

Date: 21 - 23 June 2018

Location: Valencia, Spain

By Tobias Klinke

The European Advertising Association (EAA) was initiated in 2002 and is a scientific community to academics and practitioners interested in advertising and stimulate high quality research in this field. The International Conference on Research in Advertising (ICORIA) is the annual conference of the EAA and is staged in another European city every year.

In this year’s conference (21st  to 23rd of June 2018 in Valencia), 188 participants from 27 countries participated in 38 different sessions. The conference took place in the historic city centre, where the conference chair Enrique Bigné and his organizing team gave the participants a taste of Mediterranean hospitality. The central theme of the annual conference was “brand communication with multi touchpoints”, where scholars from all over the world presented and discussed their research projects in the field of advertising (for more information, please visit In addition to the participation in the research tracks in parallel sessions, participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas with other scholars and broaden their scientific network. Moreover, interested researchers had the chance to meet editors of the leading scientific journals in advertising to discuss possible publication opportunities.

My presentation with the theme “Making a (letter) case: The impact of letter capitalization on advertising headline perceptions” focused on the effects of letter capitalization in advertising headlines on the consumers’ perceptions and aesthetical evaluations. The multifaceted feedback was very fruitful and helped to further develop this research project. Encouraged by that feedback, me and my co-authors are now prepared to write the scientific paper and submit it in a high quality advertising journal.

Furthermore, I had the chance to participate in the doctoral colloquium. This event is organized especially to develop the necessary skills of young PhD students, so that they are able to succeed in international research. In the workshops on this day I learned a lot about scientific writing and publishing as well as presenting on international conferences. In the breaks I had the opportunity to discuss future research possibilities with experienced advertising researchers from all over the world. Furthermore, we got trained in chairing a session, which also provided me with valuable knowledge.

Participation in a global conference like the ICORIA is highly recommendable for every PhD student due to several reasons:

1)    Enlarging your personal network: On the conference as well as in the workshops of the doctoral colloquium you have got the opportunity to get in contact with other researchers with similar interests. The formation of these initial bonds may be the base for fruitful future research cooperation.

2)    Making progress in your research project: The advices you get on a conference with that many specialists may help you with the challenges in your own research.

3)    Getting all the skills you need for attending conferences: You will learn everything you need to successfully make a presentation or chair a session on a international academic conference.

4)    Getting prepared for scientific publishing: You will better understand the Dos and Don’ts in the progress of publishing in international research journals.

To sum up my impressions of the ICORIA 2018: It was a great experience to attend this conference, which helped me to further develop on the academic path. So I have to say “Thank you” to the CGS for supporting this unique experience!