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RSD3 - Relating Systems Thinking and Design, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway, 15th-17th October 2014

von Doaa El Aidi

RSD3 -­ Relating Systems Thinking and Design is an annual international symposium since 2012. This year, the conference was organized for the third time on the 15th-17th of October in Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) in Norway. RSD3 invited systemic designers from all over the world to think beyond the conventional design thinking which is not sufficient to address
complexity across different domains. During this symposium, the opportunity has been given for design researchers to think differently and produce new
knowledge about design education and design practices in different fields.
Healthcare, governance, organizational transformation and social change are of
particular interest for this year’s discussion within the conference.
Leading scholars in design and cybernetics from the USA and Europe presented
keynote speeches during the conference:

Hugh Dubberly (Dubberly Design Office, San Francisco)
Ranulph Glanville (the president of the American Society for Cybernetics)
Harold Nelson (the School of Computer Science at the University of Montana)
Daniela Sangiorgi (Lancaster University, UK)
John Thackara (researcher, design educator and writer, UK)
Michael Hensel (Architect, researcher, educator and writer, DE)

Choosing between 7 tracks, the researchers were given the chance to explain
their works and to receive comments and feedback of the leading scholars on
their presentations. I have given a presentation on the topic: Analyzing, Projecting and Synthesizing Real-­World Problems from a designer perspective:
Exploratory study to tackle poverty in Egypt during the first track (social design
in room A2) on the 16th of October at 12:30. It was about publishing key
results from my PhD and discussing them on the international level and receiving positive feedback from the session chair and the discussants.

During the conference, I have attended all keynote speeches and visited 5
sessions on the following topics: Saving Lives by Design; Designing Products
and Services for Challenging Societal Contexts; Co-­designing Systems Smart Enough for the Future; Benefits of Design Practice in Fieldwork; Wicked Design
101; Accelerating Learning and Adaptation at Organizational and Societal Scales; MySchoolsNetwork; Design Methods for Systemic Design Research;
Reimagining the Future; Caring for the Future; Clashing Cultures; Sustainable Integration in Norway.

The keynote speeches and the presentations were very interesting and very
informative. Thanks to the financial support of the Center for Graduate Studies
at Wuppertal University, I have been able to afford to travel to Norway to
allocate my Ph.D. research successfully on the international design research map as well as to get the chance of learning a lot about the status quo in
design research.