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11th International Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem, 01.-05.06.2014, Nara (Japan)

von Mu He

The 11th International Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem was held in Nara, Japan from June 1st to 5th 2014. This three-yearly congress is a centerpiece of ICBEN’s (the International Commission on Biological Effects of Noise) productivity. This year, it was co-organized by the Institute of Noise Control Engineering of Japan (INCE/J) and the Acoustical Society of Japan (ASJ). The goal of ICBEN is to promote a high level of scientific research concerning all the aspects noise-induced effects on human beings and on animals including preventive regulatory measures and to keep alive a vivid communication among the scientists working in that field. The ICBEN Congress I attended was the first to take place in Asia. The Congress venue was Nara Prefectural New Public Hall located in the center of Nara Park surrounded by temples and shrines designated as world culture heritage sites.

There were more than 150 professors and students from all over the world joined in this conference and around 140 papers and posters in nine teams were given, which were concerned with noise-induced hearing loss, noise and communication, non-auditory effects of noise, effects of noise on performance and behavior, effects of noise on sleep, community response to noise, noise and animals, interactions with other agents and contextual factors, policy and economics. I made an oral presentation on 3rd June with the title “The EEG Variation Caused by Low Frequency Noise”. I was nervous because this was my first international conference without my professor or one of my colleagues. Nevertheless, it turned out well because a lot of professors and students were interested in my paper and asked questions and talked to me after my presentation. I also attended a large number of panel discussions and presentations, and got the new results from topics related to my work.

Like at other conferences, there was also a welcome party and a farewell reception, which were in Japanese style with different kinds of Sushi and beers. I got valuable feedback for my presentation and very good advice during the social time.

In the end, I would like to thank the International Commission for Acoustics (ICA) as well as the Center for Graduate Studies (CGS) for supporting my trip to Japan to join this conference, which really helps a lot for my further research.