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Conference Report of the AEA (American Economic Association) 2013 Annual Meeting

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The American Economic Association (AEA), in conjunction with approximately 55 associations in related disciplines, held its 2013 annual meeting from 03-06 January 2013 in San Diego, CA. in which papers on general economic subjects were presented. Approximately 520 scholarly sessions were held and over 10,000 economists attended the meeting. The AEA annual meeting has been the yearly highlight in economic academia.

Along with presentation sessions, the AEA annual meeting organizes multi-dimension panel discussions among renowned economists. The topics of this year’s panel discussions included, among others, labor market development, economic stimulus and economic recovery, the European sovereign debt crisis, economic theory development and historical perspectives, environment economics and the US health reform. Among other notable economists, many Nobel Prize laureates took active roles in these discussions, for example, Paul Krugman, Finn Kydland, Robert Lucas, Robert Mundell, Edward Prescott, Thomas Sargent and Christopher Sims.

I was invited by the AEA to present my working paper “Does Monetary Policy Matter in China? A Narrative Approach” in a contribution session entitled “Macro / International Finance” on the 5th January 2013. I discussed my paper with the audience and got valuable feedback.

During the meeting, I attended a large number of inspiring panel discussions and presentations, and managed to talk with many talented economists. All this will surely have an important impact on my future academic career.