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Conference report: “Social Acts as Intersubjective Willing Actions”

Husserl-Arbeitstage 2012. Feeling and Value, Willing and Action 21-24 November 2012

The “Husserl Arbeitstage” are organized and hosted alternately by the Husserl-Archives in Leuven, Cologne and Freiburg. In addition to plenary lectures by established scholars, the “Husserl-Arbeitstage” is also an occasion for younger researchers in Husserlian phenomenology to present and discuss their work in parallel sessions. On November the 22nd I presented a paper in one of the sessions of the “Husserl Arbeitstage” which took place in Leuven, Belgium, under the organization of the International Centre for Phenomenological Research (“Husserl-Archives Leuven”).

This presentation drew upon topics closely related with my doctoral thesis, which is concerned with a phenomenological approach to ethics and politics, and supplied the fruitful opportunity to discuss some of these topics with colleagues and to strengthen my research. In connection with the topics exposed in this conference I expect to redact three chapters of my doctoral dissertation: one will be connected with the central thesis of my research, another one would refer to a phenomenological formal axiology and a third one to a phenomenological formal theory of action.

Most of the comments of the audience during the presentation where centered on the concept of social acts, which I took from Husserl and Reinach. A particularly enthusiastic debate arose around the elucidation of the act of promising and its classification as a social act. I received very interesting feedback in this respect from Dr. Prof. John Drummond and from Dr. Prof. Ullrich Melle. I intend to use the paper I presented as material for an article in which I will incorporate some of these valuable comments.