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10th International Conference on System of Systems Engineering (SoSE), San Antonio (Texas), 17. -20.05.2015

The 10th International Conference on System of Systems Engineering (SoSE), which took place in May 2015, was organized by IEEE System, Man, Cybernetics Society and IEEE Reliability Society. The conference themes were “SoSE Controls, Modeling, and Simulation”, which are  three areas of significant investment within the public and private sectors as well as significant initiatives areas of IEEE. These areas include numerous engineering fields such as control, computing, communication, information technology and are relevant for applications such manufacturing, defense, national security, aerospace, aeronautics, energy, environment, healthcare, and transportation. It was a pleasure for me to present the result of our research in Session 3 A “Modeling and Analysis Methods”. The topic of my presentation was “Using Systems Engineering for Improving Autonomous Robot Performance”.

The accompanying paper focused on the handling of complexity in the development of product systems, especially in the field of autonomous robots. Considering the production system of such an autonomous robot, which is more and more realized by collaborative System of Systems (SoS), increases the complexity. To manage this complexity, a systematic approach is necessary. The paper describes an approach to analyze and derive design recommendations based on the principles of Generic Systems Engineering (GSE). This approach uses a common model of thinking, a unified system model and a standardized procedure to develop a system. The system model is actualized within the procedure and allows problem localization for further design changes. A simplification is achieved by limiting the considerate part of system over functionalities. The conference event offered the opportunity to discuss this approach with international scientists.