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International conference on “Forces and Forms of Doctoral Education Worldwide in a Newly Configured and Constrained Global Context”

During the last decade there have been significant changes in doctoral education worldwide: In many countries, the numbers of doctoral candidates and doctoral granting institutions have increased to help drive both national innovation and research performance of individual insti-tutions, especially in Asia. Worldwide, there is a greater focus on diverse employment prospects and transferable skills of doctorate holders and postdocs. At the same time, the world is changing faster than ever. Seemingly adverse developments with yet unknown effects, namely digiti-sation as potential driver of progress as well as increased insecurity and the simultaneous deterioration of democra-cies aligned with the rise of populist or fundamentalist movements characterise the 2nd decade of the 21st centu-ry. Training doctoral candidates to become the next gen-eration of creative, critical, autonomous and responsible intellectual risk takers is more essential than ever in these times of epochal challenges and unsettling changes.Now is the time to review the changes in doctoral education, their successes and failures, and to explore ways forward for training new generations of researchers to become future leaders in developing and developed societies.

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