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Marsilius Summer Academy 2015

Anthropology of Perception

Science and Humanities in Dialogue

September 14-20, 2015
at the International Academic Forum in Heidelberg

Human sense perception has a special meaning for anthropological research because it bears witness to the inextricable entanglement of body, mind, and world from the 'inside' as much as from the 'outside'. Introspection and scientific analysis agree that perception situates an individual in his world while allowing him a genuine awareness of his being in the world.

How do neurophysiological processes preform the perception event - and vice versa? How do the phenomenon of perception and the reality of what is perceived relate to each other? How are receptivity and activity interlaced with one another, and what about the perception of object-relation and cooperation with others? How is the nature of human perception embodied in culture, and what influence does culture have on perception?

The Summer Academy of the Marsilius-Kolleg in 2015 aims to bring together differentiated and specialized knowledge of perception from neuroscience and psychology, from philosophy and linguistics, as well as the arts and media studies, to bring them into conversation with one another to talk about the human condition.

The participants will have the opportunity to intensively discuss their own research approaches with leading experts, and to deepen their knowledge in interdisciplinary working groups within this framework.

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