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17th International Conference on Research in Advertising 2018

Date: 21 - 23 June 2018

Location: Valencia, Spain

By Nader Fadl


The European Advertising Association (EAA) was initiated in 2002 and is a scientific community for academics and practitioners interested in advertising. One of its aims is to stimulate high quality research in this field. The International Conference on Research in Advertising (ICORIA) is the annual conference of the EAA and is staged in a different European city every year.

In this year’s conference (21st  to 23rd of June 2018 in Valencia), 188 participants from 27 countries participated in 38 different sessions. The conference took place in the historic city centre, where the conference chair Enrique Bigné and his organizing team gave the participants a taste of Mediterranean hospitality. The central theme of the annual conference was “brand communication with multi touchpoints”, where scholars from all over the world presented and discussed their research projects in the field of advertising (for more information, please visit In addition to the participation in the research tracks in parallel sessions, participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas with other scholars and broaden their scientific network. Moreover, interested researchers had the chance to meet editors of the leading scientific journals in advertising to discuss possible publication opportunities.

My talk “How do you play? Investigating different role types of gamification applications and their impact on user engagement” addressed the psychological and behavioral effects of the usage of gamification applications and presented the findings of my dissertation project so far. The discussion provided valuable feedback to develop, enhance and improve my research in the future. Moreover, I had the chance to participate in the doctoral colloquium (especially planned for Ph.D. students) which gave me the chance to gain insights about the field from senior researchers and discuss future research opportunities with them.

Due to the open-minded and heartfelt nature of the ICORIA conference as well as the chance to meet the leading international researchers in the field of advertising, I would highly recommend every Ph.D. student in the advertising and marketing field to participate in upcoming conferences.

I want to thank the Center for Graduate Studies (CGS) for supporting my participation in this year’s ICORIA conference which gave me the opportunity to receive valuable input for my research, broaden my scientific network and inspire me for the future.