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European Academy of Management Conference 2018

Date: 19. - 22. Juni 2018

Place: Reykjavik, Island

by Kazem Mochkabadi

The European Academy of Management was founded in 2001 and is a scientific society which is dedicated to the further development of specific academic fields within management and entrepreneurship in Europe. This year’s European Academy of Management Conference (EURAM) was organized by the University of Iceland and took place in Reykjavik. During the four days of the conference (19-22th June), more than 1700 participants engaged in numerous discussions, workshops, and plenary sessions about scientific papers and keynotes. With its high number of participants, which equals 0.5 % of Iceland’s total population, the EURAM 2018 conference is one of the biggest European conference that is dedicated to management and entrepreneurship. The central theme of the annual meeting was “Research in Action – Accelerating Knowledge Creation in Management.” In many parallel session, scholars from all over the world presented, analyzed, and discussed new insights referring to management and entrepreneurship subfields such as Family Business, Entrepreneurial Finance, Organizational Behavior, and Social and Sustainability Management (for more information, please visit In addition to the participation in parallel sessions, participants had the opportunity to engage in specific paper development and scientific writing workshops, as well as a doctoral colloquium. Moreover, interested scholars and Ph.D. students in particular had the chance to meet editors of numerous scientific journals to discuss possible publication opportunities. My presentation with the theme “Equity Crowdfunding: A Systematic Review of the Literature,” addressed the scientific development and thematic evolution of the research field. The following discussion provided valuable feedback for further enhancement and improvement of my research.  The participation in other parallel sessions and the active exchange of ideas with other scholars provided more profound insights about the field for me and gave me new inspiration for future research opportunities. Especially the discussion with numerous (Chief-) Editors of scientific entrepreneurship journals was of great value to increase the chance of a possible publication. Due to the more “informal nature” of the EURAM conference as well as the possibility to discuss one's research project with top international researchers, I would highly recommend every Ph.D. student in the business and management field to participate.

I want to thank the ZGS for supporting my participation on this year’s EURAM conference, which gave me a chance for fruitful discussions, valuable input and professional development.