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This is Muniarajan Ramakrishnan presently I am doing my Doctoral program Clinical Psychology (Promotion/PhD) in Faculty-G, Department of clinical psychology and psychotherapy, University of Wuppertal- Germany. My research title is ‘sleep and problem solving in schizophrenia’. I started my PhD/Doctorate in year April 2009.  I have completed my post graduation in psychology (Clinical psychology stream) from Bharathiar University. I have also acquired two other Post Graduate Diplomas related to Clinical Psychology and one in Human Resource Management. I have extensive work experience in areas of Psychology, Health care, scientific, administrative and human resource.

Titel und Abstract des Dissertationsprojektes

Sleep and problem in schizophrenia (A neuro psychological and polysomnographical study)
Betreuerin: Prof. Dr. Gudrun Sartory (Wuppertal)

The aim of the present PhD dissertation is to study sleep-related consolidation of problem solving processes in patients with schizophrenia. Previous studies in healthy individuals indicate that sleep facilitates problem solving. Other areas of improved cognitive function during sleep such as the consolidation of memory suggest that it is the phases of deep sleep, i.e., slow-wave sleep (SWS) that have the beneficial effect. Patients with schizophrenia showed evidence of sleep disorder, in particular a deficit in deep sleep (SWS).

Executive functions are amongst the most impaired neurocognitive domains in schizophrenia (along with memory impairment and attention). Sleep related processes may be needed for distinct improvement in problem solving. In the earlier studies on memory it has been shown that people who learn tasks in the morning and recalled them later on the same day showed no increase in performance. Conversely, if the task was learned in the evening and recalled in the morning after sleep there was an increase in performance.

Thus it appears that it is not the time but specifically sleep that contributes to the improvement in cognitive function. In this proposed study, twenty patients with schizophrenia and twenty healthy controls will be investigated. Half the patients will undergo testing during day-time first and over a night of sleep afterwards and the other half of patients will be tested over night first and during the day afterwards. All will be given a problem solving task before and after the day-time versus night-time interval. Healthy controls will be submitted to the day-time condition only. It is expected that the night-time interval will be more beneficial to the problem solving ability of the patients than the day-time interval and additionally, that the benefit incurred during sleep will depend on the duration of slow wave sleep (SWS). Health controls will show better problem-solving abilities than patients with schizophrenia.



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